Monday, 18 July 2016

Pilgrim reflections so far...

After a very busy couple of days becoming immersed in the culture of Italy, here's what some of our pilgrims have to say:

Its only 2 days in, if the rest of the trip lives up to the 2 days we are in for the trip of a lifetime -Thomas Fabian

Best pizza, pasta and gelato! amazing sites! can't wait to experience the rest with the best bus group #bus11 -Teigan Dunn
A couple of highlights from the trip so far are, getting to make new friends, getting closer with the people within the bus and the beautiful place that we have seen such as the churches and and the views. Can't wait to experience the rest of the trip with the best but #busgroup11 -Hayley Arpires

Enjoying the Italian culture and watching the sunset with some cracking people.
- Kyle Robbins

This experience has opened my eyes up to the world beyond just Carnes Hill. It is so amazing - Kyle Nelson

It has open my eyes up even more experiencing new cultures and learning the language is interesting  -Jess ursino

The experience has been eye opening and has enhanced my relationship with the Lord - Alessia Danielle

My experience has left me speechless. Our bus group has seen many beautiful landmarks to the catholic culture. I have tried many new foods and overall  this trip has left me with beautiful memories and breathtaking views. I never want it to end!!! - Terri Dimopoulos

The time here has been unbelievable and we've only been here for two days. Trying to shorten the description of the my time I've spent here is impossible. We have made a lot of new friends as we've seen breathtaking views of landmarks and holy places. Ethan Martin

Experiencing such beauty both from the historical and pilgrimage point of view has truly opened my eyes. It's honestly been an amazing experience and it's only beginning. I really am looking forward to strengthening my faith and taking in all of the culture and history that I'll be having the privilege of enjoying. I'd like to thank the school for allowing this to be possible and yeah looking forward to what's ahead. 🇮🇹🇮🇩  - Alex Lecca

The Santa Croce in the piazza was interesting through the way it was built as it showed the era of the renaissance in an elegant way and through the fact that Michelangelo was buried inside the church. - Rosemarie Saliba

Our first few days in Italy have not only been an opportunity to visit some incredible sites but meet new people creating an array of new friendships. ~ Joseph Schirripa

The highlight of the trip so far was visiting the different cathedrals especially in Florence and Siena. The best part was experiencing this with new and old friends. - Erin Marceri


  1. So exciting to hear from you all. Glad you are enjoying it.. Mrs N

  2. It sounds like you've had a very exciting few days! Enjoy the rest of Italy! You continue to remain in our thoughts and prayers. Mrs Nolan

  3. What an exciting start to your pilgrimage! Enjoy the rest of Italy. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Mrs Nolan